Centre for postgraduate training

Rocca delle Caminate is a centre for postgraduate training and home to the Forlì-Cesena Technopole, within the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network. The castle, owned by the Province of Forlì-Cesena, has been managed by Ser.In.Ar. for training and cultural activities since 21 July 2017.
It also hosts research and spin-off initiatives affiliated with CIRI Aeronautica (The Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research on Aerospace, Materials and Metropolitan Mobility) of the University of Bologna, and is connected to the “Caproni” wind tunnels in Predappio, where ground-breaking research on turbulence is conducted as part of the EU Ciclope project.

Venue for conferences and events

The functional open spaces of the castle, born of its masterful restoration completed in 2016, make Rocca delle Caminate an exclusive and prestigious venue for your training activities, business meetings, cultural, artistic and musical events.
The building offers vibrant outdoor areas, such as its large courtyard and panoramic terrace. These are wonderfully atmospheric venues for your outdoor events, especially in spring or summer.

Guided tours

Rocca delle Caminate can accommodate groups (minimum 20 people), offering guided tours to discover its ancient history. Information boards and multimedia devices have been installed that can be accessed via smartphones too. It is also possible to arrange for tours guided by local history experts, if one wishes to delve deeper into the history and evolution of this fortress over the centuries.

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