Outdoor Areas

Internal courtyard

The internal courtyard is a large open space surrounded on one side by a massive wall and on the other side by a wing of the castle, where the great tower rises in all its glory. Measuring 60 x 25 meters, the courtyard can be equipped to seat an audience of up to 400 people. Alternatively it can be set up to comfortably accommodate over 250 people at dining tables. The rooms overlooking the courtyard are ideal for the management of catering and meal preparation. The acoustics here are impressive, making it the perfect venue for outdoor summer concerts.

The panoramic terrace

Next to the great tower, at the very top of the castle, you can enjoy a breathtaking, 360 degree view from the panoramic terrace. The view stretches across the Bidente valley towards Meldola and Rabbi valley towards Predappio, down to the Adriatic Sea and the Riviera. This scenic location is a perfect venue for outdoor events, where an open bar can be arranged. Access to the terrace is restricted to a maximum of 60 people.

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