Guided tours

With its thousand years of history, Rocca delle Caminate is a prime tourist destination and a site of major historical interest, for the role that the castle had throughout the centuries as well as during the twentieth century. Fully refurbished, it was used by Benito Mussolini as a summer residence and as a meeting place, where heads of State, ambassadors and authorities of the time were invited.

In 1943, on September 28th, the castle hosted the first meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Social Republic with the presence of Mussolini.

Today Rocca delle Caminate can be visited by booking a group visit (phone +39 371 3146383 – Andrea Mangelli) for a minimum of 30 people. You can take a leisurely cultural journey within and around the castle on your own, thanks to 23 information boards or the Rocca delle Caminate app, freely downloadable from the App Store (IOS) or Google Playstore (Android). Entrance fee is € 5.00 per person.

Guided tours led by a local guide can also be arranged upon request at booking stage, if you wish to delve deeper into the history and the changes underwent by the castle over the centuries.

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