The Forlì-Cesena Technopole is an integral part of the High Technology Network of the Emilia-Romagna Region, a place of research and innovation that includes 10 technopoles, 36 industrial research laboratories (funded by the 2007-2013 Por Fesr programme), in addition to 54 other laboratories and 11 innovation centres. The network has 6 thematic platforms: energy and environment, construction, mechanics and materials, agri-food, ICT and design and life sciences. It aggregates certified public and private organisations, universities and research centres.

The Forlì-Cesena Technopole includes:

Gallerie del Vento Caproni in Predappio (Ciclope Project – Centre for International Cooperation in Long Pipe Experiments), for the study of air turbulence.

CIRI Aeronautica Meccanica e Materiali ( based in Forlì (director Prof. Alessandro Talamelli), with two Operating Units (Fluid Dynamics, and Mechanics and technologies applied to aeronautics, aerospace and metropolitan mobility);

CIRI Agroalimentare ( based in Cesena (director Prof. Marco Dalla Rosa), with two operating units (Food processing, consumption and health, and Bioanalytics, bioactivity, microbiology and enhancement of microorganisms for industrial purposes);

CIRI ICT ( based in Cesena (director Prof. Franco Callegati), with a single operating unit (ICT Technologies and services for sustainable development).

The activities of the Technopole concern industrial research in specific areas of intervention: these projects aim at innovating and supporting local businesses in the industrial scale manufacturing of products resulting from research.

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