Rocca delle Caminate: objects and emotions come to life with Augmented Reality

A taste of an interesting technological innovation will accompany Rocca delle Caminate during the Christmas period. It is an Augmented Reality project, developed by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DISI) of the University of Bologna (Campus of Cesena) and in particular by the team composed of Prof. Alessandro Ricci and Dr. Angelo Croatti, in collaboration with a student, Matteo Andruccioli, who built part of his degree thesis on the project.

Alessandro Ricci and Angelo Croatti explained how it works: “we have created an application called Rocca Aumentata, through which visitors have the opportunity to see elements not visible to the naked eye. As we are in the Christmas period, we have created some themed decorations, viewable through smartphones and tablets of last generation. It is a real coupling between the physical world and the virtual world that takes place through an access door, a so-called marker, located at the entrance of the Castle. When you frame the marker, you can access the application (in a similar way to the QR Code) and you can view different elements such as a Christmas tree, a snowman, some decorations on the doors. To make this scenery even better, we have equipped Rocca delle Caminate with two tablets, through which visitors will have the chance to enjoy this show”.

The two university lecturers continue, “We would like to point out that this is a first taste of Augmented Reality, a sort of experimental phase, limited to the visualization of static objects. Our intention, together with the direction of Ser.In.Ar., is to develop the project and expand it with the inclusion of dynamic and moving objects that can act as real companions for visitors in the various environments of the Castle”.

It is no coincidence that such a project takes shape inside Rocca delle Caminate, which is one of the offices of the Forlì-Cesena Technopole, a place dedicated to technological innovation. The initiative, therefore, represents a strong added value to a site of undoubted historical charm that can be presented to the general public as a unique and exclusive example of history, culture, emotions and advanced technologies.



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